[No Longer In Production]

Analog Waveform Decimator

The Collapse is an audio decimator; a voltage controlled, all analog audio crusher. A sonic death ray designed to disintegrate waveforms. The sound of the Collapse module is defined by two parameters, Interval and Contour. Interval assigns the periodic voltage sample rate, breaking down an audio source into ever-larger static chunks. Contour adds wow and flutter to the internal clock source, imprinting unique artifacts and subtle character on the output. The results are heavy.

Collapse wrecks audio without ever sounding harsh or thin. Compared to a digital bit crusher, the analog Collapse sounds full and warm. Taking advantage of unlimited bit and sample rate resolutions, the Collapse avoids lo-fi digital results by smoothly downsampling at infinite resolution.

Collapse Controls:

Interval Control - Sample rate control.

Interval CV In - Interval control CV input attenuator.

Contour Control - Voltage reference sharpness control.

Contour Drive Control - Controls the complexity of the Contour control.

Collapse Patch Points:

INPUT - Waveform input.

INT CV IN - Interval CV input.

CONT CV IN - Contour CV input. Bypasses the Contour Drive control.

OUTPUT - Processed waveform output.

Size: 10hp

Module depth with ribbon cable attached: 36.5mm

Power Usage: 45mA