VCA and Mixer Modules


Lifeforms Dual VCA

Free from signal bleed and noise, the Dual VCA is the perfect voltage controlled amplifier for both audio and CV applications. Dual, high quality linear voltage controlled amplifiers with both offset gain, CV attenuation, and a mix out. The output of each VCA is sent to a fully buffered mix output that allows the Dual VCA to act as two channel voltage controlled mixer.

Lifeforms 2+2 Mixer

The Lifeforms 2+2 Mixer is a low noise, ambidextrous four channel mixer for both audio and CV signals. The signal path is extremely versatile, allowing the 2+2 Mixer to function as a 4 channel mixer, a pair of 2 channel mixers, signal attenuators, and more.

Lifeforms System Interface

Packed with deep signal routing options and high quality preamps, the System Interface is a flexible audio hub, perfect for both studio and live performance. Squeezed into 24hp.