Logic Banks

[No Longer In Production]

Dual Boolean Logic Calculator

Logic Banks is a CMOS based logic calculator. A voltage controlled or manually switchable truth table. Two independent logic banks provide simultaneous access to six unique boolean logic operations. AND, NAND, OR, XOR, NOR, XNOR.

The Logic Banks module is split into two identical sections. Input values for each section can can be assigned manually using toggle switches or with the X IN and Y IN gate inputs. The gate output state of each logic operation is determined by the X and Y input values following the truth table below.

The Logic Banks is capable of single bit calculations and simple memory processes. For example, patching from the NOR output of each section into the Y Input of the opposite section creates a last used memory circuit. The OR outputs will remain lit in the section with the last high X input regardless of the current state of the X input. Similar setups provide other interesting results.

Because the Logic Banks is CMOS based, it excels at audio rate processing. Using a single input, the Logic Banks will turn any waveform into a gate or square wave. The different outputs provide standard and opposite versions of the output. An example would be if the AND output is high, the NAND output will be low and vice versa. Using the X and Y inputs together at audio rate allows for logical audio mixing. The CMOS chips transform the incoming waveforms into square waves and then process them based on the truth table of the selected logic output.

Logic Banks Controls:

X ON / X OFF Switch - Manually set the X input logic state.

X IN - Gate input sets the X input logic state.

Y ON / Y Off Switch - Manually set the Y input logic state.

Y IN - Gate input sets the Y input logic state.

AND OUT - AND logic operation output.

NAND OUT - NAND logic operation output.

OR OUT - OR logic operation output.

XOR OUT - XOR logic operation output.

NOR OUT - NOR logic operation output.

XNOR OUT - XNOR logic operation output.

Size: 10hp

Module depth with ribbon cable attached: 36.5mm

Power Usage: 45mA