[No Longer In Production]

Audio and Control Voltage Signal Router

The Pittsburgh Modular M3 is a unique signal routing module with 3 distinct sections able to perform several different functions at once. Signal splitting and mixing are combined to create a module that is both compact and incredibly useful.

The top section labeled MULT, is a standard 4 jack passive multiple used to create 3 copies of the original signal. One input becomes up to 3 identical outputs.

The bottom 2 sections, MIX1 and MIX2, both function the same way.  Two input and 2 outputs allow each section to be used as a 2 channel signal mixer and signal splitter.

M3 Controls:

Section 1 (MULT)

All 4 jacks function the same. Although the jacks are labeled I, O, O, O, any jack can be used as the input allowing the remaining 3 jacks to be used as outputs.

Section 2 and 3 (MIX1 and MIX2)

There are two types of jacks in the Mix sections, inputs (I) and outputs (O). Each Input functions identically and each output functions identically. The two inputs can be used together to create a 2 channel signal mixer and the two outputs can be used as a signal splitter. Combining both features together allows the M3 to perform a wide range of functions at once.

Size: 4hp

Depth: 20mm

Power Usage: 20mA