Pittsburgh Modular Announces New Pricing for 2019


Today we adjusted the retail prices of much of our product line. The majority of our modules have gone down in price thanks to larger production runs dropping component and assembly costs. Case pricing has not aged as well. Tariffs on steel and aluminum, rising wood prices, and higher shipping fees from suppliers continue to push up Structure production costs. Because of this, a few of the cases have gone up in price.

Determining the manufacturing costs of small run boutique electronic instruments gets more complicated every day. Critical parts become discontinued or permanently unavailable, suppliers ship low quality or out of spec components, and shipping companies are determined to lose or destroy entire batches of instruments. We have over estimated demand and we have under estimated demand, but for the most part, believe it or not, it all runs pretty smoothly.

Our company and our products continue to be a work in progress as our focus is providing artists with inspiring instruments. Thanks again to everyone who has supported Pittsburgh Modular over the years. It means the world to us!