Introducing the Voltage Research Laboratory

A New Organic Synthesizer by Pittsburgh Modular

The Voltage Research Laboratory is a completely different analog synthesizer where every function of the instrument has been influenced by the behaviors and systems of the natural world. Wildly experimental and extremely deep, the Voltage Research Laboratory is a sonic playground created to explore the natural systems and lesser known fringes of analog synthesis.

The Voltage Research Laboratory is 100% eurorack modular format compatible and is comprised of 3 separate eurorack modules housed together in a purpose-built, handmade eurorack enclosure. More than a collection of tools and functions, it is a unique modular synthesizer designed to reward deep experimentation and encourage the creation of unique sonic systems.

We are excited to initially offer the complete instrument, case, and individual modules through a crowdfunding campaign. Using Kickstarter to finance the production of all the components at once allows us to lower retail costs and get the Voltage Research Laboratory into the hands of artists much sooner, without compromising the experimental creativity Richard and Michael have designed into the instrument.

More information on the Voltage Research Laboratory is available here.