Nazca Audio Noodles

Part of a Well Balanced System

An essential ingredient to modular synthesis, Noodles are an important part of a well balanced system. Because of their thin, flexible jacket and skinny plug over-molding, even the tightest patch points offer plenty of room for patching with Noodles. Soft and flexible, Noodles are available in 3 sizes and 6 different colors. 13", 25", and 37" sizes. Red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black colors.

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3 mm Width Jacket
5.5 mm Overmolding
3.5 mm Mono Plug

12 Pack Nazca Noodles
Suggested Retail Price $36
1 x 13” Cerise Red
1 x 13” Citron Yellow
1 x 13” Lime Green
1 x 13” Cobalt Blue
1 x 13” Raspberry Sorbet
1 x 13” Black Licorice
1 x 25” Cerise Red
1 x 25” Citron Yellow
1 x 25” LImeGreen
1 x 25” Cobalt Blue
1 x 25” Raspberry Sorbet
1 x 25” Black Licorice

24 Pack Nazca Noodles
Suggested Retail Price $66
2 x 13” Cerise Red
2 x 13” Citron Yellow
2 x 13” Lime Green
2 x 13” Cobalt Blue
2 x 13” Raspberry Sorbet
2 x 13” Black Licorice
2 x 25” Cerise Red
2 x 25” Citron Yellow
2 x 25” Lime Green
2 x 25” Cobalt Blue
2 x 25” Raspberry Sorbet
2 x 25” Black Licorice

6 Pack Long Nazca Noodles
Suggested Retail Price $19

1 x 37” Cerise Red
1 x 37” Citron Yellow
1 x 37” Lime Green
1 x 37” Cobalt Blue
1 x 37” Raspberry Sorbet
1 x 37” Black Licorice

1 Year Limited Warranty
Nazca Audio warrants any Nazca Audio product, purchased directly from Nazca Audio or from an authorized Nazca Audio dealer, against defects in material or workmanship when accompanied by a dated sales receipt. This warranty applies to the original owner for the first one year of the product, and is void if the product is sold or transferred. This warranty shall not cover any problem that is caused by abuse or misuse of the product, damage caused in the shipping or handling of the product, malfunctions caused by other equipment, or an act of God. In addition, this warranty does not cover any injury to the user, consequential or incidental damages or costs of removal or installation of the product. Liability under this warranty is limited to replacement of the product.

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