[No Longer In Production]

Analog Waveform Oscillator

A wide range, high quality, 8hp utility VCO.  It offers a full complement of standard waveforms including Sine, Triangle, Saw, and Pulse waves. The Oscillator offers 5 octaves of 1 volt per octave tracking, and a frequency range starting as low as 7 seconds per cycle, allowing it to double as an LFO. Additional features include oscillator reset for hard syncing, attenuated linear FM input, pulse width, and pulse width CV input.

  • Excellent logarithmic conformance
  • Temperature compensated 1 volt per octave operation
  • Simultaneous sawtooth, pulse, triangle, and sine wave outputs
  • Sawtooth wave based oscillator circuit
  • PWM Input: 0% to 100%
  • Hard sync input
  • below audio frequency operation.
  • Size: 8hp
  • Module depth with ribbon cable attached: 35mm
  • Power Usage: 30mA

Module Controls

Big Knob - Coarse frequency setting

Fine Knob - Used to fine tune the frequency of the Oscillator.  This control is calibrated to a range of 1 octave.

1V Input - CV input used to track the Oscillator at 1 volt per octave.  This input also can be used as a logarithmic FM input.

RT - CV Input used to hard reset the Oscillator on the falling edge of the incoming waveform.

FM Knob - Linear frequency modulation CV input attenuator.

FM Input - Linear frequency modulation CV input.

PW Input - Pulse width modulation CV input.  Affects the pulse width of the square wave

PW Knob - Used to manually control the pulse width of the square wave.

Setup and Calibration

The back of the Oscillator module has an expansion header and several trimpots that can be used to calibrate and adjust the Oscillator. 

From top to bottom:

10 pin Expansion Connector

Triangle/Sine Shape - Used to align the rising and falling slopes of the triangle wave.

Sine Shape - Used to modify the shape the sine wave.  The trimpot has a shape range of  triangle wave to square wave shape with the sine being close to the middle.

Square Level - Output level of the square wave

Saw Level - Output level of the saw wave.

Triangle/Sine Level - Output level of the triangle and sine waves.

Volt Per Octave Trim - 23 turn precision trimmer used to set the 1 volt per octave tracking of the Oscillator.  If the Oscillator is undertracking, adjust the trimmer to the left.  If the Oscillator is over tracking, adjust the trimmer to the right.

Fine Tune Pot Range - Adjusts the range of the fine tune knob.

Power Connector - +12v is at the top of the connector and -12v is at the bottom of the connector.