System 301


System 301


Housed in a Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-208 professional eurorack enclosure, the Lifeforms System 301 is where to start when you know you are going to expand. Straight out of the box, the included Lifeforms SV-1 synthesizer module and Lifeforms KB-1 performance controller keyboard module means the System 301 is bursting at the seams with warm analog waveforms and a perfectly curated array of modular synthesis tools designed to ensure endless experimentation before you feel the need to add more modules.

Lifeforms System 301 Features
 Lifeforms SV-1 Synthesizer Voice Module
• Lifeforms KB-1 Keyboard Controller Module
• Lifeforms HP-6 logo Panel
• Structure EP-208 Eurorack Enclosure with Removable Lid
• Custom MIDI Adapter Cable
• 12 Nazca Audio brand Eurorack Patch Cables
• 112hp of Available Space to Expand
• Standard IEC Power Cable

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