Lifeforms Voltage Lab

Voltage Lab Panel 1400.png
Voltage Lab Panel 1400.png

Lifeforms Voltage Lab


Complex Organism

The Lifeforms Voltage Lab module is a completely different type of analog synthesizer, where every function of the instrument has been influenced by the behaviors and systems of the natural world. Wildly experimental and extremely deep, the Lifeforms Voltage Lab module is a sonic playground created to explore the natural systems and lesser known fringes of analog synthesis.

The Voltage Lab module is more than a simple collection of tools and functions, it is a unique modular synthesizer designed to reward deep experimentation and encourage the creation of unique sonic systems.

This module is in preorder status with estimated availability of October 2019.


Module Specifications

Panel size: 48hp
Depth: 35mm
Power Usage: +12v 525mA, -12v400mA.  Does not require +5v. Reversed power polarity protection. Due to the complexity of this module, it requires a significant amount of power. Please use a clean, high quality power source for optimum performance.

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