[No Longer In Production]

Quad Voltage Controlled Switch with Dual Bus

Take control of your signal path! The Switch is an analog, four channel signal switch with gate control and dual, assignable output busses.

Designed for performance, the Switch offers an interactive way to manage audio and CV signals within a complicated patch. A human or machine controlled signal router that utilizes four independent channels of manual and/or voltage controlled analog switching.

Each channel offers a manual on/off switch that acts as a master on/off control for the channel. With the master on/off switch flipped in the off position, the channel can be enabled or disabled using an external gate signal. If the external gate goes high, the switch opens, if the gate goes low, the switch closes. Easy.

The output signal is routed to three potential destinations. The first is a dedicated channel output jack. The remaining destinations are Bus A and Bus B. The signal can be independently routed to Bus A and Bus B by using the Send Bus Switches. The two Bus outputs can be switched between Bus A and Bus B for maximum signal control.

The Switch module uses fourteen manual switches and four CV inputs to allow intimate control of audio and CV signals. Each channel is routed through a dedicated, four stage switching circuit to ensure maximum signal isolation.

Switch Controls:

On/Off Switch - Each channel uses the On/Off Switch as the master control switch for the channel. 

Bus A Send - Switched in the Send position, the signal is routed to Bus A. 

Bus B Send - Switched in the Send position, the signal is routed to Bus B.

Gate In Jack - External gate input used to control the state of the channel, if the gate input is low, the channel will be off. If the gate input is high, the channel will be on. If the On/Off Switch is in the on postion, it will override the external gate input state. 

Input Jack - Audio or CV signal for each channel that will pass through the switch.

Output Jack - Audio or CV signal output for each channel.

Bus A/Bus B Switch -Select the output of Bus A or Bus B.

Bus Output Jack Jack - Audio or CV signal output for selected Bus.

Switch Specs
Size: 8hp
Module depth with ribbon cable attached: 36.5mm
Power Usage: +12v 45mA, -12v 45mA.  Does not require +5v.