Big Digital Electronic Reverb

Reverb creates the illusion of space, adding another dimension to sound and offering a sense of time and distance. The Verbtronic digital reverb module generates spaces large enough to overwhelm sounds and smear the audio spectrum with a wash of relentless reflections and echoes, building a tidal wave of never-ending feedback.


We did not design the Verbtronic to mimic the real world; instead we have created a reverb full of lush, artificial spaces that blend perfectly with the electronic sounds of modular synthesis.

The Verbtronic controls offer a full palette of reverberation effects. Tonal Tilt shifts the frequency emphasis from low and dark to high and bright, acting as a tone control for the reverberated signal. The Feedback knob sends a variable portion of the output signal back into the input, creating results similar to simultaneously adjusting both reverb density and decay time. The Verbtronic voltage controlled Mode switch flips between two unique reverbs: Verb mode is a shorter, more natural sounding reverb, perfect for augmenting leads and more fragile sounds; and Tronic mode creates a much larger, synthetic sounding reverb. The voltage controlled Output Mixknob smoothly shifts between the dry input signal and 100% reverb. Giant percussion drowning in feedback and alien soundscapes are just the beginning....Mix in a touch of reverb to add a sense of space or turn it up for full signal saturation. Dial in the perfect mix for any sound.

Verbtronic Controls:
Tonal Tilt Control - Tone control affecting the reverberated signal. Shift the emphasis from low to flat to high.
Feedback Control - Reverb signal feedback control. The effect is similar to reverb density and decay time.
Mode Switch - Verb is a shorter, more natural sounding reverb. Tronic is a larger, electronic sounding reverb.
Output Mix - Fade between dry signal and 100% reverb.
Mix CV IN - CV attenuverter used to attenuate and/or invert the incoming Mix CV Input signal.

Verbtronic Patch Points:
Mix CV Input
- CV input used to modulate the Mix Output.
Input - Audio signal input.
Mode Gate Input - Flips the Mode switch from Tronic to Verb. Switch must be set to Tronic for incoming gate to have effect.
Verb Output - 100% reverb signal output only.
Mix Output - Mix of dry and reverb effect audio output.

Verbtronic Specs
Size - 10hp
Module Depth with Ribbon Cable Attached - 36.5mm
Power Usage: +12v 100mA, -12v 30mA.  Does not require +5v.