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Pittsburgh Modular Is Now the US Distributor for Patchblocks

Software Patching Goes Hardware
Pittsburgh Modular and Patchblocks are proud to announce a new partnership that brings Patchblocks sales and service to America. Patchblocks are small, programmable, standalone hardware blocks that can function as effects processors, sound sources, or complete synthesizers. Available in black, white, magenta, and yellow, a single Patchblock can be used on its own or multiple Patchblocks can be chained together to build complex performance systems.

What does the Patchblock do?
Quite a lot. Plug in some gear in and use the Patchblock as a sound processor. Output modulation or clock signals to control analog gear. Make an awesome noise box that produces pure digital filth. Layout a massive kick drum, 303 emulator, complex additive synthesis patch, or play a concerto of chaos based algorithmic sequences. Dual channel DC coupled inputs and outputs work great for both Audio and CV signals. Patchblocks are a platform for building an infinite number of unique instruments and effects.

How does it work?
All you need is a Patchblock, a Mac or Windows PC, and the free software. The software allows you to program your hardware module the way you want, without writing a line of code. Visual programming is easy: you choose from a variety of low level sound processing elements and combine their functions by connecting them with virtual cables – a bit like a modular synthesizer, but in software. Your library of software modules includes signal generators and processors (e.g. oscillators, filters, delays etc.), signal routing options and even modules for algorithmic composition. The software lets you emulate how your patch will sound and once you’re happy with it you can upload it to your Patchblock hardware simply by connecting it via USB. Once programmed you can unplug the Patchblock and jam away.

Join several Patchblocks together for even more complex effects and instruments. One Patchblock could for example generate an LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) that you plug into another block to modulate processes that happen in there. Or use multiple Patchblocks to create a chain of audio effects and processes. You can do this analog style, by connecting them with audio cables, or via a digital connection, by clicking the Patchblocks together directly. Or even both!

More Information
Patchblocks begin shipping to our US dealers in 3 weeks. The software editor, documentation, and more available now at


Pittsburgh Modular Announces the Switch Module

Take control of your signal path! The Switch is an analog, four channel signal switch with gate control and dual, assignable output busses.

Designed for performance, the Switch offers an interactive way to manage audio and CV signals within a complicated patch. A human or machine controlled signal router that utilizes four independent channels of manual and/or voltage controlled analog switching.

Each channel offers a manual on/off switch that acts as a master on/off control for the channel. With the master on/off switch flipped in the off position, the channel can be enabled or disabled using an external gate signal. If the external gate goes high, the switch opens, if the gate goes low, the switch closes. Easy.

The output signal is routed to three potential destinations. The first is a dedicated channel output jack. The remaining destinations are Bus A and Bus B. The signal can be independently routed to Bus A and Bus B by using the Send Bus Switches. The two Bus outputs can be switched between Bus A and Bus B for maximum signal control.

The Switch module uses fourteen manual switches and four CV inputs to allow intimate control of audio and CV signals. Each channel is routed through a dedicated, four stage switching circuit to ensure maximum signal isolation.

The module is available now exclusively at Production of the Switch was limited to 60 modules.

More information is available at





An epic shift in the definition of what a modular can be. The Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box redefines modular synthesis around the venerable stomp box. A monster performance device for guitarists and synthesists alike. A patchable, modular system designed to handle anything.

A playground for unrestricted creativity, the Patch Box is a fully patchable, customizable effects pedal. The open architecture allows the patch box to create unique effects unattainable with standard, fixed signal path guitar pedals.

The Patch Box is available as a fully customizable, empty enclosure or as a pre-configured set of Complete and Core effects systems. Complete systems provide a fully curated modular effects system utilizing all the available space of the Patch Box Enclosure. Core systems offer a core effect and patchable modulation with room to expand and customize.


The Time Box Complete is a modular time machine driven by our voltage controllable Analog Replicator delay and Reverb modules paired with a dual modulation source, LPG multi-mode VCA, filter and lopass gate module, and a dual signal splitter. The expandable Time Box Core distills time travel to the Analog Replicator and dual modulation source with 20hp of space available to customize with Pittsburgh Modular, Dwarfcraft, Studio Electronics, or other compatible eurorack modules.


Filter and destroy! The Filter Box Complete attacks with a pair of highly tuned filters and analog signal crushing. The state variable Filter module provides creamy, voltage controlled low pass, high pass, band pass, and notch filters while the LPG module adds an aggressive, modern filter, VCA, and lopass gate. Destruction comes compliments of Crush, a voltage controlled analog downsampler signal smashing module. Modulation and control are handled with a set of modules including an Envelope Follower, dual modulation source, and dual signal splitter. The power of the Filter Box Core system comes from the flexibility of the state variable Filter, control of envelope follower, and modulation of a dual low frequency oscillator leaving 18hp to fill with more Pittsburgh Modular, Dwarfcraft, Studio Electronics, or other compatible eurorack modules.


We asked our friends at Dwarfcraft to design a fully voltage controlled modular version of the epic Devi Ever Big Distortion Sound Machine and wow did they deliver! The Dwarf Box Complete offers unprecedented signal routing between the Big Distortion Sound Machine and our own state variable Filter. Complex modulation is provided by the Chain Reactor, a voltage influenced, quad low frequency oscillaltor. A noise source, sample and hold, glide, and voltage inversion are included compliments of the Toolbox module. The Dwarf Box Core system includes the Dwarfcraft Big Distortion Sound Machine and a dual modulation source with 20hp of space available to customize with Pittsburgh Modular, Dwarfcraft, Studio Electronics, or other compatible eurorack modules.


Over the top in every way the Phase Box Complete, is built on the power of a 16 stage, analog phase shifter module. The large number of phase shifting stages allows for richer phasing, deeper tremolo effects, and multiple complex modulation options. Matched with a LPG multi-mode VCA, filter and lopass gate module, dual modulation source module, and a dual signal splitter module, the Phase Box Complete is an unmatched sonic labratory for signal modulation. The Phase Box Core strips the modular phase shifter pedal down to just the essentials. A Phase Shifter module paired with a dual modulation source leaving 20hp to fill with more Pittsburgh Modular, Dwarfcraft, Studio Electronics, or other compatible eurorack modules.


The Patch Box is not just another empty eurorack case. It ships packed with the functionality of five highly tuned modules integrated into the heavy duty steel enclosure.

To protect your instrument's tone, we included true bypass switching. Once the Patch Box is engaged, the audio signal passes through a unique preamp with extremely high headroom and a pair of fully buffered outputs. Custom engineered soft limiting circuitry built into the preamp adds everything from clean gain to sweet distortion without overdriving the modules within the Patch Box.

Dual, assignable expression pedal inputs allow the Patch Box to integrate 3rd party expression pedals anywhere into the signal path. This allows for realtime foot control of any voltage controllable parameter. Or split the signal from the foot controller and control two parameters at once.

Dual, assignable A/B footswitches expand signal routing options. Perfect for use as on/off switches or to flip between two signals, the footswitches can be patched up to enable/disable individual modules or route audio and control voltages. Patch a modulation source such as an LFO or external expression pedal through the footswitch to enable or disable the modulation while playing. Patch the outputs of two effects into one of the footswitches to bounce between effects. With two independent, patchable footswitches, there are countless options for realtime signal routing.

The preamp has dual buffered outputs to allow for complex signal routing, but for patching a single modulation or audio source into two destinations, the patchable signal splitter is a perfect solution. Also known as a multiple, the signal splitter has one input and two outputs allowing any signal to be routed to two destinations.

The last stage of the Patch Box signal path is a master output level control. Adjust the output signal level to connect with a wide range of devices. 

The Patch Box is available as an empty case, ready to customize with a huge selection of Pittsburgh Modular, Dwarfcraft, or other compatible eurorack format modules. The Patch Box is also available in a number of preconfigured ‘Complete’ and ‘Core’ effects systems that highlight the wide range of Pittsburgh Modular and Dwarfcraft effects modules. Stunning filters, character rich analog delays, sweeping phase shifters, nasty distortion, and much more are available to interact with and manipulate in entirely new ways. 



The Patch Box Enclosure begins shipping to our dealers in May with a suggested retail price of $349. More information about the Patch Box Enclosure is available at

Patch Box Complete and Patch Box Core systems will begin shipping in June with the suggested retail prices listed below. Detailed information on the individual Patch Box Core and Patch Box Complete systems will be available soon.

Time Box Core - Suggested Retail Price $779
Time Box Complete - Suggested Retail Price $1,199

Filter Box Core - Suggested Retail Price $679
Filter Box Complete - Suggested Retail Price $1,199

Dwarf Box Core - Suggested Retail Price $799
Dwarf Box Complete - Suggested Retail Price $1,199

Phase Box Core - Suggested Retail Price $799
Phase Box Complete - Suggested Retail Price $1,019



The Fltr is a voltage controlled, analog, state variable filter. A distilled version of our classic Filter module offers the same warm and gummy sounds in half the space. The Fltr utilizes the same core circuitry as our Filter module so the sound is identical. The state variable topology was chosen because it allowed us to produce a very smooth and natural sounding filter, in addition to offering several filter states, each with a unique sound and energy all their own.


The Sound Remains
The Fltr offers a warm, organic sweep through the full frequency range. The lowpass filter is gummy and relaxed while the highpass is clean and defined. The goal was to produce a filter that does not have a single sweet spot. We worked to make every turn of a knob offer something musically engaging. Multiple filter responses are available simultaneously including lowpass, highpass, and bandpass.

The module is available now exclusively at Production of the FLTR was limited to 60 modules and once it is gone, it is gone.

More information is available at


Announcing Nazca Audio Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Accessories


We're pleased to announce that Nazca Audio ( is our new brand for premiere eurorack modular synthesizer accessories. The first Nazca Audio products we are offering are handmade braided nylon patch cables. Nazca Audio patch cables are designed with the perfect combination of flexibility, strength, and arc retention. The cables, available in 3 sizes and 6 colors, can be purchased individually and in packs of 6 and 18. Every pack includes cables of each size and color. All Nazca Audio products come with a 1 Year Limited Warranty.